viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

My dwarves!

They say that God blesses you when generously gives us a child? .... I have three!, And it is best that are not mine: they are my sisters.
I must admit, appear dwarves mine because they are handsome, the dwarf appears to me also because it manages a genius without being Sagittarian Wednesday.
Every time I see: Ensim mine are shot, I understand as an "Uncle I love you" and not as a "Let me tragiste?".

The monkey (mono) greater is called Leonardo, but I say love Nonaro, the second is called Isabella but we say Chuquisienta (because it jodidísima), and most good-natured and quiet is called Quino Joaquin!

Whore (I must not write) I love them!



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Concerts .... let me mis

Well, gentlemen! something I love is out tonear (rich dance, get drunk and have fun) but that is on occasion or when a meeting goes.

Something that I miss are the concerts of artists I like, I do not care to work hard to go (it depends on the need hehe) ... But so far I've come to prostitution.

In short, these are some of the concerts I attended in the period absent the blog, I hope if you attended any comment.



Creamsfield 2012

Circo de los Horrores

Back Street Boys and Paramore

Tocadisco and Tiesto

†Iron Maiden†

David Guetta

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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

USIL graduation

Well remembering that day in the Ministry of Labour q feel the time has passed very quickly.

Remember all the "oldies" q accompanied me on the journey in Molina seems to me very funny, and that day to receive the card was something exciting ... especially because it was my 19 year old of age.

In the following photos, I'm with friends from graduate like Paola, Mark, Marina, Eduardo, Alina, Malena, Angelita, Freddy, Professor Fico and Elena del Bosque.

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martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Astaroth back yet!!

Family! long ago I do not spend a few minutes a day to writing and the blogger but I'm sure is something that will return after a long time and I am excited!

For one thing makes them a brief overview of what happened to me and how busy he was separated in five innings overall summary with pictures and videos, hoping not splitting! ....

PS: There will be a special note on Ink '!

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viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Avatar the last WAG!

Yesterday I went to see THE LAST AIR MASTER, had a craving to see that movie because I saw almost the whole series of Avatar on Nick-at first it looked great but it is a ascooooooo.
Insist the characters were unlike anything, there followed the general idea of the replica of the anime.

Wácala could spend that time on better things like throwing .... jajajaja sea stones, or a big mac in the Bembe for 12 soles entrance ufff a life.
I have bad luck for the movies I admit, as happened with the MHILS DOROTI daily.
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lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010


A couple of days and the Witch Fares told me to come and cook on Saturday, I told them that nomal because the truth had nothing to do.
Arrive early to my house (07:00 am) after fuck and fuck on the phone (because I was dormidito) and went to the market.
They say they want to eat? and I reply: "No bro, I've only brought 5 soles and 3 suns."

WTF ... 8 soles want to swallow? ok ok I invite hehe. We buy fish, lemon, cilantro, rice, cassava, lemon .... In short: Ceviche.

One of the strangest things that happened that day was that my dog (Petiz) Fares fell in love, well I can not deny is BLACK, tall, athletic, intelligent, faithful, all a candidate, but unfortunately the very dog was launched and not listened.


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